The Undercover Kids

Short Story Submissions
See what our child authors have written!
Here are stories that were submitted as part of The Undercover Kids story telling contests. Want to send in your story? Just click here!
Author Age Title  
Gabby 8 The Talking Webkinz
Gabrielle 8 A Dark Night Scare
Erin 11 The Undercover Kids Adventure
meg 10 Crazy Adventure
Andrea 10 The Mysterious French Recipe
Skyler 11 The Adventurous
Marissa 11 Lost
Christine 10 The case of the wrong diamond
Clint 10 Dreaming of Paris
Billy 9 Funny Cooper
Alyssa 8 Early Morning Trip!
Mia 10 Island Adventure
Charlie 9 Tokyo
Kayla 10 Waiting for a truck
Marcela 11 Visiting the museum
Nia and Kailey 11 Energetic Guy
Luke 11 Swimming to Italy