The Undercover Kids

Short Story Contest
Create your own Undercover Kids' adventure
Short Story Contest

Can you imagine The Undercover Kids traveling on a boat? How how about a space ship?

This is your chance to create your own Undercover Kids adventure. The Undercover Kids and The Exciting Read Publishing Group asks you to make up your own story featuring Katie, Jake and Cooper. It might be published in the next Undercover Kids’ Adventure book coming the fall of 2009 or on the web.  And you will become a published author.

Where do you want to take The Undercover Kids....Katie, Jake and Cooper? Would you like them to travel to one of your favorite places? They may visit your hometown or a faraway land. You choose.

Here’s What to DO:

  • Be creative!
  • Entries must be 500 words or less
  • Open to all kids between the ages of 8-12
  • Give your story a title

 If your story is picked to be included in the next The Undercover Kids’ Adventure book you will receive a prize of $50.00 and an official Undercover Kids certificate recognizing you as a published author. All submissions will be published online.

All entries require written permission by a parent or guardian before being published. One winner will be chosen for the next Undercover Kids’ Adventure book from each age group: 8-9 year olds and 10-12 year olds.

You may submit your entry online in the box below or mail your entries to:

The Undercover Kids
174 South Street
Newburgh, NY 12550

If you mail your entry please include your first and last name, your age, your address, your mom, dad or guardian’s first and last name, and your home phone number with area code. Your parents may go to to see how we use your information.


Your first name
Your last name
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Your age years old
Town you live in
State you live in
Mom, dad, or guardian's first and last name
Home phone number
Parent's email address
Title of your story
Your short story


The Exciting Read Publishing Group and The Undercover Kids thanks you for your submission. We will be contacting your mom, dad or guardian to get permission to publish your great adventure short story. 

Besides your review, the only information that will appear on the website is  your first name and your age. All other information is not revealed