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Below is a short story that was submitted as part of The Undercover Kids story telling contest! Enjoy! Don't forget to submit your story too!

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Author Gabby
Age 8
Title The Talking Webkinz
My Story
One day Katie,Jake,& Cooper were at a toy store in town. Katie and Jake had $100 and were searching of one specific toy. A Webkinz. So they went over to the Webkinz section.They passed a Swim-to-Me puppy from Littlest Pet Shop.But when they got to the aisle,they saw somthing mazin'.A mazin' hampster that talks! Litterally!By itself!Katie pick it up. When it said "Put me down Kate!" She dropped it and got so scared!But since it was so mazin',She bought it for $50.Expencive for a webkinz!