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Below is a short story that was submitted as part of The Undercover Kids story telling contest! Enjoy! Don't forget to submit your story too!

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Author Gabrielle
Age 8
Title A Dark Night Scare
My Story
One night Katie,Jake,and Cooper were all asleep.Suddenly,A big thunder boomed all through the town. Cooper woke up with a fright. Katie and Jake were still fast asleep. It was 3:00am.Cooper looked around.Nothing. But then,Cooper looked out a big window. Lightning!It was the biggest light he'd ever seen. He started barking. He just couldn't stand it. Everybody woke up. Their eyes were bloodshot.The kids looked around."Cooper,"said Katie."It's just-"she couldn't finish her sentence!Because a big boom of thunder crashed before she had a chance to! This time it was SO loud,it made the ground shake!So they could really realize what cooper was barking about!But they also realized that their ice cream shop dreams were fake.That was a BIG bummer to them. Katie got out a camera and snapped a good photo of the lightning.Jake peered over her shoulder and said"that's spectacular! Totally a keeper!" So then the kids went back to sleep,awaiting for the big adventure they were going to have in the afternoon.