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Below is a short story that was submitted as part of The Undercover Kids story telling contest! Enjoy! Don't forget to submit your story too!

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Author Erin
Age 11
Title The Undercover Kids Adventure
My Story
Katie and Jake and their dog Cooper have gone to their aunt's farm every summer, but this summer it's going to be different. They are finally going with their mom to a different country. They are going to France. Their hotel is in a tiny apartment in a small city. Katie and Jake's room is a loft. Katie will sleep in the top room. The first night there while their mom was at a class, Katie and Cooper were playing with Katie's new ball. Jake was reading an exciting new book. The book was the Undercover Kids. The book was about two kids, their dog and their mysteries. Katie threw the ball and it went into the nightstand and knocked it over. Jake Ran upstairs to see what was going on! Katie and Jake went to fix the nightstand. They noticed a keyhole. So, they decided to look for the key. Ten minutes later they heard a knocking sound coming from the wall where the nightstand was and the wall said "you have the key". After more time spent searching Katie remembered her secret journal came with a key. So, she got out the key and put it into the keyhole. All of a sudden a door knob appeared! Katie turned the doorknob and there was a staircase. There was so many stairs that they couldn't see the end of them. They decided to see waht was at the end...Afte what felt like ten hours they reached the bottom of the stairs. It was a dark room. The door shut with a loud bank! Katie though this must be a ghost. Jake noticed Cooper was gone. Jake then heard a loud bark and thought "oh no the ghost must have got Cooper"! Then they heard "time to get up or we'll miss the plane". Katie opened her eyes and realized it was just a dream. When they landed they got their luggage and went to the hotel. It was a tiny apartment in a small city. Katie and Jake's room was a loft. That night their mom had a class. Katie and Cooper were playing with Katie's new ball when it knocked over the nightstand...