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Below is a short story that was submitted as part of The Undercover Kids story telling contest! Enjoy! Don't forget to submit your story too!

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Author meg
Age 10
Title Crazy Adventure
My Story
One summer evening Katie and Jake were listening to Michael Jackson’s new album. ‘Wow Michael Jackson’s music is like totally awesome!’ ‘yeah he is’ and then great grandpa came in the room and said ‘Michael Jackson?!’ ‘in my day Michael Jackson was just a tiny boy!’ ‘he was the most popular banana in the bunch!’ ‘banana in the bunch???’ Katie said.’’ yeah no one says that any more gramps’ said Jake sternly. Katie said to great grand dad and Jake ‘hey look! There’s a Michael Jackson concert in L.A tonight!’ you thinking what I’m thinking?’ yeah, we should eat some dinner…said Jake’ NO!! not that! ’Katie said’ ‘we should use our wrist bands to go see the concert!’ 'you wish..’ said Jake. But it was too late. Katie already opened the magic manhole and dragged granddad and Jake inside the manhole. ‘brrr.. its freezing here!’ said Jake miserably ‘oh put a sock in it!’ said Katie. They walked to the fancy ticket booth. ‘three tickets ya whipper snapper!’ said great granddad as he handed the money to a teenager. ‘have a nice day’ said the teen. While granddad was yelling at the teen cooper came out of the manhole. Katie Granddad and Jake walked into the second booth ‘can I see your tickets please?’ said a young girl granddad looked in his pocket gibbidy giffers!!’ said granddad . he looked shocked. The young women had a stern look on her face. She said ‘mr. Please we have to move this line along!’ now hold your stinking horses lady, we’ll only be a minute!’ Cooper was sniffing in the booths when he found and picked up the tickets. He brought them to Katie. ‘hey! Cooper found our tickets!’ said Katie gleefully. ‘by golly your right!’ said granddad. ‘GROAN….’ Said Jake and they went into the building to enjoy the concert. FIN