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Below is a short story that was submitted as part of The Undercover Kids story telling contest! Enjoy! Don't forget to submit your story too!

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Author Andrea
Age 10
Title The Mysterious French Recipe
My Story
It was a rainy summer day and Katie, Jake, & Cooper were ready for a new adventure. They dug under her bed for the backpack that contained the purple bracelets that took them to Holland. This time, they had no idea where their adventure would be. They went into the attic to find the trunk and rummaged through it. They found an old hat, a chewed up boot, and lot of other stuff, but what was most interesting was an old yellowed piece of paper. It was a secret recipe. The Crème Brulée Caramélisée à la Vanille (Vanilla Crème Brulee) recipe was handwritten and signed by Chef Antonin Carême and dated 1815! “We have to go to France and return this recipe! It’s a sign,” exclaimed Katie. They put on their bracelets and set off on another adventure through the dark bottomless tunnel. Suddenly, they were standing at the bottom of the Eiffel Tower! They looked up and felt tiny compared to the giant monument. They rode the elevator to the top and had the most amazing view. They looked around for a clue as to where to return the recipe. Suddenly, Cooper started barking. “I see it!” yelled Katie. “Carême’s restaurant, the one named after the chef, is right over there!” “Great, can we eat too? I’m hungry!” “Sure, but first we have to give the secret recipe to the owner!” “Pardon me, I am Chef Duval. Can I help you?” “We need to go to Carême’s restaurant,” replied Katie cautiously. They hesitantly followed Duval down to the streets of Paris. Cooper didn’t like it one bit. Duval led them into the ancient tunnels under Paris. The dark, wet tunnels were frightening. They turned countless corners and saw skulls in the walls. “Where are we?” asked Katie. “I think I’m going to have nightmares,” whispered Jake. “These are the Catacombs of Paris,” explained Duval. “There are 300 kilometers of tunnels that were created in the late 1700’s.” They went around corners until they were completely lost. “Now, if you want to get out of these tunnels, give me the recipe at once!” demanded Duval. The kids were terrified. They couldn’t give him the recipe. Cooper was a quick thinker and bit Duval’s leg while Katie and Jake ran away. Duval kicked at Cooper and ran, furious that he had lost the secret recipe. Cooper joined Katie and Jake as they walked aimlessly through the tunnels. Finally they saw ancient stairs which amazingly led to Carême’s restaurant. A woman was hanging up a closed sign. “Madam Carême?” asked Katie. “Oui? “This is for you.” Jake handed her the recipe. Madam Carême’s eyes filled with tears of joy. “Merci! This will keep my restaurant open!” Madam Carême took down the sign and hugged Katie and Jake. They had saved her restaurant and people could enjoy Carême’s dessert forever! They enjoyed beautiful Paris while walking back to the Eiffel Tower to head home – always watching for the evil Duval along the way.