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Below is a short story that was submitted as part of The Undercover Kids story telling contest! Enjoy! Don't forget to submit your story too!

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Author Kayla
Age 10
Title Waiting for a truck
My Story
Katie, Jake and Cooper was waiting for a truck to come. It came. They sneak into the trunk because the truck was going to Mississippi. They wanted to visit the Mississippi River. They saw a foreigner fish. But unfortunately, the fish was dead. So they left the fish alone. They were happy because they wrote down a lot of facts and then they went back home. Jake, Cooper and Katie would like to travel to Mexico. They wanted to visit the Pueblo. So the ran quickly to the giant bus. Because the bus was leaving to Pueblo. The Pueblo was loud. They wanted to see how do they sale in Pueblo. They brought home a lot of stuff. Katie, Jake and Cooper open a weird door that they never opened. They enter it and it magically brought them to France. Suddenly, they landed in a Hotel. They ate food. They had to pay money they never saw. Cooper is energetic because he saw the Eiffel Tower.