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It’s fun reading about Katie and Jake traveling, maybe they can travel to Africa where my grandparents came from.

Mary, age 9

My two favorite characters are Cooper and the Trunk…I like Madame van de Berg too.

Kevin, age 10

When I was young, I liked reading a good story where I learned something. I still do and enjoyed reading this one.

Jean Marzollo, author of "I Spy" and other books.

A mix of fantasy, mystery, and adventure with a touch of humor

Lisa Kochik, children's librarian

This adventure series offers possibilities for children to learn about foreign cultures and unusual people.

Jim Delviscio, school principal

I like that the trunk talked in poems. The poems were fun to read.

Jacob, age 11

Do you want to travel to different places around the world without ever having to leave your house? Then The Undercover Kids’ Holland Adventure The Trunk in the Attic is for you. This book was a great book. If there could be a 10 star rating, I’d give it 10 stars!

Andrea, age 10

If you like mysteries, Magic Tree House books, and books with secrets and adventures then you will like The Trunk in the Attic! I can't wait for the next one. What will Kate, Jake, & Cooper do next? Where will they go? What new places will they discover?

Susan Couture,children's librarian

I really enjoyed reading this book. It moved me and took me back to Amsterdam. I recommend this book to all who are young at heart.

Neania Buehler, Assistant Director, West Point Youth Services

Thank you so much for the wonderful presentations! Our school is still buzzing about it!!

Linda Degraw, Assembly Coordinator for Anna S. Kuhl Elementary School in Port Jervis

i like this story it is a very good day at a.s.k school gloria and katie,jake,and cooper came to our the end of the assembley we did who would get the book and gloria gave a book to the 2nd graders and mrs.bottis class got it then she did the 3rd graders and mrs.waligroskis class got it and im in that class.the trunkin the attic is a very good book.gloria is a good author.

gabrielle,age 8

i like the story


Hi gloria I am writing a book recommendation about your book. Maybe Katie and jake could go back in time to poland during immagration like my grandfather. I could draw pictures please help my dream come true!

Matthew Voorhees