The Undercover Kids

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GREAT ADVENTURE! A FUN READ!   Meet The Undercover Kids... Katie, Jake, and their dog, Cooper! As they explore their aunt’s farm, they find a SECRET HOLE in the back of the barn and they explore! The secret hole takes them across the ocean to Holland. But oh no! Cooper gets lost and Katie and Jake meet an EVIL WAITER! And they realize getting home is harder than they thought it would be! Will they find Cooper? Will they get back home? Order a copy of The Undercover Kids Holland Adventure to find out!   Now at a discounted holiday price!

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Meet The Characters

Portrait of Katie


Confident and responsible, Katie likes looking out for Jake, and even Cooper–most of the time, that is.

Portrait of Jake


Jake’s not always sure of himself, but he sure can solve a lot of things.

Portrait of Cooper


There aren’t many dogs like Cooper, and that’s okay with him!

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