The Undercover Kids

Meet the Undercover Kids

Katie, Jake and their dog, Cooper


Katie likes being a big sister. Well, maybe not ALL the time, but most of the time. She’s confident, responsible and genuinely likes looking out for Jake. She doesn’t even mind taking care of Cooper, most of the time that is.


Jake is a little brother in a lot of ways. It takes him a while to make up his mind. Sometimes he’s not as brave as Katie. He’s seven — pretty grown up but not always. That doesn’t mean Jake’s not someone to take seriously. He can solve a lot of things. And a lot of times he does just that.


Cooper is like no other dog in the world, and that’s just fine with Cooper.  He knows very well what he’s supposed to do and what he’s not supposed to do. If he doesn’t do what he’s supposed to, it’s not because he’s spoiled, or bad or lazy. He just does what he wants!

...their family and the talking trunk,


Great Grandpa Henry had twinkling blue eyes and a full-face beard. You didn’t have to know him in life to feel his charm. He loved to fish, dance, fly, ride horses—the list goes on and on. He was known to have the Wanderlust. He didn’t just wonder what was beyond the horizon. He went to find out.

Aunt Jean

There’s something about Aunt Jean that just belongs on a farm. She may not be up on the latest technology, but she knows what a lot of farm tools, old and new, are used for. She handles a whole lot of animals like there’s nothing to it too. There are not many things on her farm that come out of a package. She makes most things from scratch—from cookies to quilts, she does most things the way her ancestors did them…by hand.

The Talking Trunk

The trunk holds so many odd things and he keeps them a secret too. He’s been sitting alone in the attic for many, many years. Still, he’s a wise old trunk and a funny one too.

...and their Dutch friends. Well, it’s true, they’re not all friends.


Dirk seems older than his years. He has traveled undercover a long time. When he visits different countries he likes to see as many new things as possible. He loves food and meeting new people. He’s a great host and will help out whenever he can.


Madame van den Berg is old in years but she has the heart of a young girl. Her life has been full of people and places. She sees a lot of the world and her big house in Holland is filled with treasures from places she’s visited. When you’re with Madam VDB, you want to stay and listen to her stories about what she’s done and sometimes about who she’s loved as well.

The Waiter

The waiter loves money, not the kind you earn, the kind you take from other people when you have a chance. He thinks of being rich day and night. Trouble is, he’s not always clever in his money-making schemes.