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As Undercover Kids, Katie, Jake and Cooper got to travel to Holland. Do you know kids who would love to be an Undercover Kid and travel all over the world? Order The Trunk in the Attic today and receive the same purple wrist band that helped Katie and Jake get to Holland. You can even buy wrist bands for your friends so they can explore with you! Get ready for the adventure.

And now  in time for the holiday season, the publisher has just discounted the price more kids get a chance to read The Undercover Kids adventures. Price good until Dec. 31, 2009

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Sneak a Peek<br/>at the Magic!

Sneak a Peek
at the Magic!

Photos of Katie and Jake’s ancestors hang on the walls of Aunt Jean’s farm. That’s where the magic begins. Read a page or two to see how Katie, Jake and Cooper magically land in Holland.. Click here to read more!
Hey Kids!

Hey Kids!

Write your own Undercover Kids' Adventure! Where do you want to take Katie, Jake and Cooper? You can bring them to a faraway land or even one of your favorite places close to home. You choose! Click here to begin...

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Meet The Characters

Portrait of Katie


Confident and responsible, Katie likes looking out for Jake, and even Cooper–most of the time, that is.

Portrait of Jake


Jake’s not always sure of himself, but he sure can solve a lot of things.

Portrait of Cooper


There aren’t many dogs like Cooper, and that’s okay with him!

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