The Undercover Kids

About Us
The Exciting Read Publishing Group Reaches Out to Kids

The Undercover Kids book series is published by The Exciting Read Publishing Group, a 14-year-old regional publishing company, based in Newburgh, New York. We also publish Hudson Valley Parent Magazine, Hudson Valley Life Magazine, Hudson Valley Kids and the New York Parent Travel Guide.

The mission of The Exciting Read Publishing Group, is to educate young children about diversity and tolerance. We hope our readers enjoy the wondrous adventures of The Undercover Kids, Katie and Jake and their dog Cooper, as they travel around the world. When The Undercover Kids meet kids of other lands, our readers will understand how kids in other cultures live!

And the fun doesn't stop there! Kids can continue having fun with Katie, Jake and Cooper on our website. Play free online games and enjoy interactive activities that are both fun and educational. Children will enjoy visiting new places, learning fun facts and testing their knowledge about The Undercover Kids. Through writing and journal submissions, book recommendations and other creative activities, we hope to create a community of children who learn to tolerate and celebrate the ideas and cultures of others.

We encourage you to contact us with comments, suggestions or general feedback. Contact Terrie Goldstein, publisher of The Exciting Read Publishing Group at 845-562-3606 or email her at